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Leave of Absence

  • No Students should remain absent without prior permission. The application for leave should be submitted at least one week in advance. In case of an emergency, the parents should inform the school the reason for absence via-email, before 8 am.
  • If a student remains absent for a week or more without prior intimation/permission, her name is liable to be struck off the rolls.
  • The format for the leave Application is enclosed in the school Handbook which may be photocopied for use. If the student has suffered from an illness, a medical certificate must be attached along with a certificate of fitness. Under no circumstances should parents send back a child to school until she is physically fit to resume all school activities.
  • Attendance till the last day of the term is compulsory. Request for permission to leave before that date or extend the holiday after the commencement of a new term will be entertained only in cases of emergency. STUDENTS ABSENT ON THE LAST DAY OF THE TERM OR ON THE FIRST DAY OF THE NEW TERM ARE LIABLE TO BE STRUCK OFF THE ROLLS.